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Luxury Collection

For customers with a penchant for making their kitchens among the most studded, fashionable, and a designer treat, Wskonnekt Co. presents eight Luxury RTA kitchen cabinets customized to suit your favorite color. A perfect embodiment of lavishness, these exotically finished kitchen cabinets are worth of a dream ambience. Purposefully created to epitomize lavishness and splendor, the luxury kitchen cabinets inspire admiration and permeate a sensuous allurement.


Flourishing Cherry
The ultimate expression of extravagance, our flourishing cherry cabinets are for high-end customers. Finished exotically, the luxury cherry cabinets allow a spectacular refinement to coexist with functional elegance befitting creative designs and charming ambience, key to make the most lavish, enticing, and graceful kitchen.



Impeccable Chocolate
Inviting a sense of indulgence through its impressive glaze and inspiring finishes and styles, impeccable luxury chocolate cabinets are suitable to boost the aura of any designer kitchen. Exemplifying our glorious commitment in offering the best quality, these cabinets give your creative kitchen design a unique personality.



Magnificent Classic
Enthralling and enamoring, the magnificent classic shade padded in sumptuousness emits opulence and boasts a sense of fulfillment. Paired with astute creativeness, the dexterously polished and charming luxury classic cabinets fascinate with their look and enthrall guests visiting your home with their appeal.



Delightful Coffee
Versatile to the core and benign with their appealing texture and finish, the luxury coffee cabinets are a level up from their premium counterparts. Glazed classy look brings in prominence to your kitchen while the strong sense of refinement associated with these luxury coffee cabinets attract every one seeking sophistication at home.



Amusing Daydream
A perfect manifestation of your dream to make world’s best kitchen, luxury daydream cabinets blend attraction with functionality and durability in a wonderful way. Bewitched charm and bedazzled texture allow a magical charm to take over at every sight, while saving ample space and money with these cabinets.



Opulent Ginger Glaze
Epitome of lavishness and affluence, the luxury ginger glaze cabinets are of a distinct class and pattern. Look emulates excitement, finishing evoke sophistication, and color combination delight all eyes. Nothing more striking for your kitchen than these spectacular and highly finished cabinets.



Affluent Shaker
Worthy of a designer kitchen splashed with sophistication and in the ultimate organized shape, these luxury shaker cabinets are among the most cherished RTA cabinets available. A splendid testimony to how affluence and lavishness blend together, these cabinets incite the fantasy of onlookers.



Gilded Vintage
Styled in the vintage fashion, yet exude contemporary vibes in their shape, texture, and finish, the luxury vintage cabinet collection symbolizes our tribute to the yore. A reminiscent of the charming past designs with poised elegance, these cabinets reminds the aura of the bygone era and its exotic feel.


 Luxurious Cream
Charming and eye-catching, the luxury cream cabinets combine fresh look with simple yet smart finishing to present a hybrid between glazed ivory and modern white shades. Focused on high-end trendy kitchens, these luxury RTA cabinets are tribute to ultimate home designers with a penchant for exclusive creations.

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Luxury Collection
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