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New options

Smart Columns Features

This extension calculates how much products are in the column depending on the screen resolution.

  • Set column width (px)
  • Set image size (px)
  • Set products per page on grid

Smart Product Image Features

This extension calculates product image size depending on the screen resolution and special Magento settings.

  • Set image sizes for different screen resolutions

Color Changer

You can customize the color accents of the theme as needed. This will save you time and will automatically do things that would otherwise require a search for the code in the CSS files.

Theme color change

  • Set color accents
  • Set link hover color
  • Reset to default

Menu color change

  • Set menu background
  • Set popup style
  • Set menu button style / active menu button style
  • Custom menu font colors (menu button font color, menu button: hover, popup link 1/2/3 level, popup active link color )
  • Set custom css code
  • Reset to default

Stylish Store/Language Switcher

This is a simple and stylish stores and languages switch. The languages switch can be in the form of flags or text tabs.

  • Use flags to switch languages - Yes/No
  • Display a label with the languages switcher - Yes/No