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WSKonnekt Design Service

An experienced kitchen as well as bath set up service; WSKonnekt has all necessary resources for setting up cabinetry. Customer’s requirements, desires and styles being our focus, all services are accompanied by designs as a part of the complimentary service.

Modus Operandi

As far the cabinetry choices are concerned, you have a plethora of options to choose from. As far as WSKonnekt is concerned, we consider the following steps to acquire the optimum design:


  • Selecting Cabinet Style

WSKonnekt has a wide range of selection that will compliment any home or office. Our online superstore has a larger selection than most brick and mortar stores. Just compare our selection to your local retailers and you will see the difference in price and selection.


  • Space Planning

To give us an idea regarding the floor space of your bathroom or kitchen you can either create your own rough sketch outlining the dimensions or take the help of our representative without spending any money. In case you are not completely positive about the measurement of spaces visit the “Measurement Guide” section on our website to make things a whole lot easier.


  • Design Preview

Our design software is called Design 20/20 and it is adept at creating professional designs of bathrooms and kitchens. This internationally recognized software has gained the title of the leading computer based drafting program of the industry. It holds a solid reputation thanks to its 3D views of your future kitchen or bath apart from its pinpoint accuracy and vividness. Being able to preview your design before you buy it is a big reason WSKonnekt is one of the fastest growing home furnishings and lifestyles retailers in the world today.