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Kitchen Measurement Tactics

We recommend you the following three fold steps to carry out your kitchen measurement:

Start off with Space Measurement

The basic necessity for kitchen measurement is always the measurement of the kitchen space. This having properly measured our designers can work towards transforming your dream kitchen into reality within the granted space. A top down sketch of your kitchen indicating all the dimensions and measurements in the form of a layout is more than enough. Appropriate measurements however requires following certain instructions. They are as follows:


  • Prepare a layout of your kitchen in the form of a rough sketch. Do not miss out any doors or windows within the same.
  • The layout requires the measurement of each wall of the kitchen in inches.
  • Now follow up the measurement section wise. For instance measure the distance between doorway to wall or wall to windows, width of windows and doorways and so on. While measuring windows and doors, the measurement is to be done from outside edge to that of outside edge.
  • Recheck the measured dimensions such that each of them adds up to the estimated total dimensions.
  • Do not leave out any measurement. For windows measure the height of it from the floor as well as from the ceiling.
  • Mark objects like the sink, gas as well as water lines, switches and so on and measure their distance from that of the walls.
  • Mark the desired space for each appliance such as refrigerator, microwave, and dishwasher and so on. Do not leave out the dimensions of the appliances as well.
  • To simplify the process of measurement all you can do is measure the shortest distance, for instance the height of the ceiling. Measurement of the lowest section is enough to give an idea of the slope up.
  • In case you own a soffit, measure its dimensions such as its height, width, depth and distance from the wall and so on as accurately as possible. The usual heights of the cabinets being not more than 12” if yours is by chance 13” do understand that the cabinets can be fitted below it and can be trimmed up to a depth of ¾”. 



Do be very specific regarding your kitchen layout since it is crucial for the cabinetry plan. Your specificity as far as measurements are concerned would help us to fit in the cabinetry within the layout given.


Follow the Layout with a list of desired appliances or fixtures along with their dimensions. The list can consist of appliances such as refrigerator, cook top, disposal, dishwasher, sink, oven, exhaust hood, microwave, freezer, compactor, and warming drawer.


Computer Designing

On having completed your layout if you want a realistic preview of your future kitchen, do mail us a copy of your layout. We will provide you with a computerized three dimensional design.