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Kitchen Planning

Kitchen Cabinets- Care and Maintenance Cabinet Door Samples Planning Guide

Our downloadable planning guide can assist you in understanding our floor plans along with important steps involved in the planning process. An additional guide is available detailing the necessity of planning a work triangle to make the best use of your new kitchen and bathroom cabinets and cooking work area. For detailed information, select from the following guides below:

Planning Guide

A comprehensive guide to plan your new project.

Planning a Work Triangle

Detailed information on floor planning along with other planning guidance.

Ready to Assemble Cabinet Specifications

View all available Ready to Assemble (RTA) cabinet specifications.
Kitchen Cabinets Ordering - Shipping Returns - Warranty Packaging

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Warranty Disclaimer

All of our purchased cabinets are subject to the following warranty limitations and disclaimers. Unless otherwise stated, our cabinets are sold with a limited lifetime warranty. Our entire Ready to Assemble Cabinet line and all of their parts and components have a limited lifetime warranty that includes the tracking and hinges. All wood components of our cabinets are sold with a three-year warranty, which includes the cabinet doors, paneling, and drawer fronts.

The warranty does extend to the door and the drawer fronts that might have defects caused by shrinkage, warping, expansions, or changes in shape in a natural way that might cause the drawers or doors to function improperly. If the door or drawer has an abnormal appearance (to the human eye), it will be changed out as is covered by the warranty. Under certain situations, whenever a damaged part is easily replaceable or inexpensive, we might offer compensation of its fair market value of the defective product in lieu of replacing it at our discretion.