Hours: Mon – Sun (PST) 10am to 10pm – (408) 915-0047
Hours: Mon - Sun (PST) 10am to 10pm -  (408) 915-0047

About Us

Wskonnekt® is an online store where you can find a variety of clothing items and sneakers at pretty affordable prices. The wide range of clothing and sneakers at our retail store allows people of all shapes, sizes, colors, and backgrounds to express themselves in a way they want.

The idea behind Wskonnekt® was to deliver the best possible shopping experience by offering them just about any style of clothing and sneakers they need. We ensure direct supply from various quality manufacturers. This has enabled Wskonnekt®  to offer clothing products and sneakers at competative prices.

Diversity, equality, and product diversification are among our key strengths. “My 15 years of experience in retail has taught me a lot about what a consumer wants and needs. With Wskonnekt®, I have tried to combine all that a consumer desires, which is good quality, low price, and extensive variety”, says Paul, the CEO of Wskonnekt®.

We value our customers and customer satisfaction is one of our major goals. Therefore, we strive to bring the best products in terms of both quality and cost to our customers.

Wskonnekt® aims to become a leader in the retail industry and an established name that customers all over the world can trust. We also offer cheaper delivery charges and various deals and discounts. Along with that, our exciting new partnerships provide us with opportunities to serve more customers and provide them with an experience they will always remember.