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DELIVERY & RATES – Wskonnekt® Worldwide
DELIVERY & RATES – Wskonnekt® Worldwide


WSKonnekt – Shipping Policy

Once your order is placed and confirmed, we prepare the items ordered for shipping. Once your products are ready, your order is shipped to you within three days; however, transit time may go up for remote locations. Since we are located in California, the distance of the customer’s location is measured from here and as per our standard time.

Apparel & Accessories:

Any housewares you order from WSKonnekt as well as the any apparel such as clothing, jeans or accessories will be delivered via the most practical method possible. Our couriers for these types of goods are UPS, FedEx and DHL. We are pleased to offer international shipping on all items in our online store.

Usually the products are received by the customer within two weeks of order. The processes that are followed prior to deliveries are as follows:


Since WSKonnekt specializes in kitchen and bathroom set up services, the majority of our products would include cabinets and products for your home that can’t be delivered through traditional shipping services. They are placed in cardboard boxes which do not exceed the measurement of 28”x44”x6”. They are then placed on pallets measuring 4”x4”. They are stacked up to 72” or less than that. Whenever the shipping company allows more stacking we do exceed the height, which brings down the number of pallets. To ensure better safety the boxes are further wrapped in plastic. While smaller items are subject to smaller packages, complementary cabinet equipment is shipped separately. These objects include faucets, handles, range woods and so on. Certain panels or molding that exceeds the 72” cut off are packaged separately such as in the case of items like sinks, hoods and hardware.

Standard Curbside Delivery

This service delivers your freight to the destination of your choice directly by means of trucks. The delivery time is dependent on your destination. Of course, individual item order would cost less.

Standard Curbside Delivery accompanied by Lift Gate Service

In case of larger orders, customers require to pay an additional charge of $60 as lift gate service. You have the option of rejecting the service. However, this would require you to carry your own goods to your destination at your own risk. On the other hand accepting such service might cause a delay in the delivery of the ordered objects.

International Orders

Our international clientele may need to seek the help of a customs broker who would ask for information such as kinds of goods, number of pieces, payment status, and value of goods. You would need to pay applicable excise duties and taxes. Having paid those, your ordered items are eligible to cross the border and enter your country lawfully. You will be provided with customer invoice as well as BOL which we would require apart from the contact information of customs broker.

DELIVERY & RATES – Wskonnekt® Worldwide


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DELIVERY & RATES – Wskonnekt® Worldwide
DELIVERY & RATES – Wskonnekt® Worldwide