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Privacy Policy – Wskonnekt® Worldwide
Privacy Policy – Wskonnekt® Worldwide

Privacy Policy

Terms of use & privacy policy
Bonkers Energy Beverage Company’s privacy policy
Please read! http://www.bonkersenergy.com / needs deliberation for and as a pre-requisite of allowing your use of http://www.bonkersenergy.com /.

By gaining entry and using this site, you signify that you have the complete influence to proceed to bind yourself, any 3rd party, legal entity or company, or, and that your interaction, or utilization in addition to persisting to interact or use the site represents that you have read & agreed to these terms of usage and also other agreements which we might post on the website.

By visiting, viewing, interacting or, using, www.bonkersenergy.com or with any signboard, pop-up, banner, or promotion which shows it, you are agreeing (concurring) to all the conditions of these terms of use policy as well as the privacy policy of http:// www.bonkersenergy.com/.

Information from kids
Http://www.bonkersenergy.com/ particularly refutes admission to any person who is covered by the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) of 1998. You confirm that you are either above 18 years of age or an emancipated (liberated) minor, or have lawful parental or guardian permission & are completely capable & able to agree to the terms, responsibilities, stipulations, warranties, representations and confirmations laid down in this Privacy Policy & to adhere & obey this privacy policy. If we come to know that a user who is under 18 years of age is sharing personally specific particulars or publicly posting via this website, then we will implement commercially logical measures to prevent that particular user from using our website. Parents must be conscious that our Privacy policy will administer our use of individual information, however, in addition, that particulars which are willingly provided by kids or other during the exchange of emails, bulletin boards or the like might be utilized by other parties to generate unsolicited contacts. We request all parents to train their kids in the secure and the answerable use of personal particulars whilst utilizing the internet.

Http://www.bonkersenergy.com / has the right to reject entrée to any viewer or individual for any legal cause. As per our private policy & terms, which you agree as a stipulation for viewing, http://www.bonkersenergy.com / is authorized to gather & accumulate information and data for the intention of excluding & for other miscellaneous uses.

From time to time, these conditions of use agreement might get altered from time to time. The Guests have a confirmatory responsibility, as part of the deliberations for consent to access http://www.bonkersenergy.com / to themselves updated by being aware of such modifications by reconsidering these terms of use page, every time they visit http://www.bonkersenergy.com /.

Parties to the conditions of use agreement
Visitors, users, viewers, members, subscribers, affiliates, or consumers, herein jointly mentioned as “visitors,” are parties to this agreement. The website and its owners and/or operators are parties to this agreement, herein mentioned to as “website.” This privacy policy is just in consequence to any webpage, 3rd party social sites, mobile applications, onsite digital data compilation, combined personal particulars, non-user precise details gathered & or owned by bonkers energy,Wsk Group LLC,( collectively, bonkersenergy, “we”, “us” or “our”) incorporating, however not restricted to the bonkers energy website situated at www.bonkersenergy.com and also the internet services, aspects & or programs presented by bonkers energy (together, the “website”)

Use of data from this website

Except you have come into an express written agreement with this website to the contrary viewers, visitors, members, subscribers, consumers or affiliates have no right to utilize this data in a public or commercial situation; they do not have the authorization to copy, broadcast it,, save it, print it, copy it, sell it, or distribute any portion of this website’s content. By using the contents of this website, you concur to this condition of access & you accept that any illegal use is unlawful and might subject you to civil or criminal punishments. Again, guests do not have the permission whatever to exploit the content of, or parts thereof, as well as its invisible pages, databases, underlying code, linked pages, or any other intellectual property the site might hold, for any motive or for any use, whatever. In acknowledgment of the truth that it might be hard to enumerate the precise compensation occurring from this provision’s infringement Visitor concurs to recompense the owners of http://www.bonkersenergy.com / with liquidated damages in the sum of U.S. $100,000, or, if it can be calculated, the real expenses and definite damages for violation of this stipulation, whichever is bigger. Guests warrants that he or she comprehends that acknowledging this condition is a stipulation for entering https://wskonnekt.com/newwp/ and that using https://wskonnekt.com/newwp/ represents approval.

Ownership of website or right to use, sell, publish contents of this website

The website’s owner possess or holds the license of the website and its contents. Substance found in this website should be assumed to be proprietary & copyrighted. Guests have no rights whatever in the the content of the site.For any motive, use of this website content is illegal except it is done with express agreement or consent of the website.

Hyperlinking to site, “framing” co-branding & referencing site forbidden.

Except specifically endorsed by website, nobody might hyperlink this site, or segments thereof, (as well as, however not restricted to, trademarks, copyrighted or branding material) to theirs for any motive. in addition, you are not allowed to reference their website address (url)of this website or any of this website’s pages in any non-commercial or commercial media without express consent from us, nor you are authorized to ‘frame’ the site. You particularly consent to collaborate with the website to eliminate or disable any such actions, and be legally responsible for all compensation arising from breaching this condition. In acknowledgment of the truth that it might be complicated to enumerate the precise compensation occurring from breach of this condition, you concur to recompense the owners of http://www.bonkersenergy.com / with liquidate compensation in the quantity of U.S. $100,000, or, if it can be computed, the actual expenses & concrete damages for violation of this provision, which ever is bigger. You warrant that you comprehend that acknowledging this condition is a stipulation of entering http://www.bonkersenergy.com / and that using http://www.bonkersenergy.com / represents approval.

Disclaimer for site’s contents
Http://www.bonkersenergy.com/ renounce any liability for the accurateness of the content shown, linked to on, or specified on http://bonkersenergy.com/. guests presume all hazards unfolding to reading, viewing, using, or depending upon this particular. except you have if not created an express agreement to the contrary with us, you have no authority to depend on any present herein as precise. We make no such guarantee.

Disclaimer for damage caused to your PC or software by interacting with this website or its contents. Visitor presumes all hazards of worms, viruses, or other fraudulent aspects.

We presume no accountability for hazard to the computers or software of any person or visitor, he afterwards corresponds with from humiliating (fraudulent) data or code which is unintentionally sent to the visitor’s computer. Again, the guest’s views and communication with this website, or pop-ups or banners or promotion exhibited thereon, is at his individual risk.

Disclaimer for damage caused by the downloads
At his individual risk, a visitor downloads information from this site. We make no guarantee that the downloads are free from corrupting computer codes, as well as, however not restricted to, worms & viruses.

restriction of accountability

By viewing, interacting or using, in any way with this website, as well as promotion, banners, or pop-ups, downloads, and as a stipulation of the website to permit his legal viewing, guests perpetually relinquishes all right to claims of the damages of any type & all particulars depending on any informal issue ending in any probable damage, no matter how dreadful or widespread, whether emotional or physical, anticipated or unanticipated, whether individual or business-related in nature. For any authority which might now permit for these elimination our utmost responsibility will not surpass your paid sum, if any, for usage of our service or website.

Moreover, you consent not to hold us responsible for any compensation associated to problems that are out of our control, as well as however not restricted to, acts of divinity, terrorism, war, insurrection, criminal activity, riots, natural calamities, disturbances of infrastructure or communications, shortage of labor or disturbances (as well as illegal strikes), materials shortages & and any other occasions that are not under our control.


Visitor consents that in the occasion he causes any damage to us or a 3rd party as a consequence of or pertaining to the usage of https://wskonnekt.com/newwp/, guests will assure us for, and, if applicable, protect us against, any claims for the damages.


Visitor consents as a stipulation of viewing, that any message between website & the visitor site is considered a submission. Every submission, consisting of segments thereof, graphics present thereon, or any of the submission’s content, shall become the website’s exclusive property and might be used, with no further consent, for business use with no additional deliberation of any type Guests consent to only converse that particulars to the website, that it desires to perpetually permit the website to use in any way as it observes fit. “submissions” is as well as a privacy policy’s provision.


No further any kind of notice for any motive is essential to be provided to visitor and guest specifically warrants an comprehension that the right to observe is relinquished as a stipulation for consent to interact or view the website.


As deliberation part, which the website needs for using, viewing, or communicating with our www.bonkersenergy.com website, guest consents to utilize obligatory arbitration for the disagreements of any type, claim or any kin of debate (“claim” whether in agreement, tort or if not) coming out of or pertaining to this procurement , this merchandise, as well as privacy problems, solicitation matters, and terms of use subject.

Arbitration will be performed pursuant to the american arbitration association’s rules that are in force to a disagreement date that is acquiesced to the american arbitration association. Particulars regarding the american arbitration association, its policy, and its forms are obtainable from its physical address located at 335 madison avenue, 10th floor, New york, 10017-4605. Hearing will take happen in the metropolis or http:// www.bonkersenergy.com/.owner’s county.

Under no circumstance, shall the visitor, viewer, subscriber member, or consumer have the authority to go to the court or for a jury trial. Visitor, viewer, subscriber, member, or consumer do not have the righ to involve in pre-trial detection other than, the rules provided. You will not have the authority to take part as a member or representative of any group of claimants relating to any of the claims that is subjected to the arbitration; the decision of the arbitrator will be deemed to be final and obligatory with restricted rights of appeal.

The other party shall compensate the existing party for any & all expenditures related with the disagreement adjudication, as well as fees for the attorney, investigation fees, collection fees, travel expenditure, etc.

Jurisdiction and venue

Any subject regarding this purchase shall be placed in front of a court of law, pre- or post-arbitration, visitor, member, viewer,subscriber or consumer consents to that the sole & appropriate jurisdiction to be in the city & state stated in the web owner’s contact information except otherwise here specified. In the circumstance that proceedings is in a federal court, the appropriate court will be in the federal court that is nearer to the http:// www.bonkersenergy.com/’s owner address.
Applicable law

Visitor, viewer, subscriber, member, or consumer consents that the appropriate law has to be implemented shall, in all circumstances, be that of the bonkersenergy.com owner’s state.

Contact particulars

This privacy policy’s seller

Welcome to the site, https://wskonnekt.com/newwp/ we comprehend that online privacy is very much vital to our site users, particularly while doing business. This announcement administers our privacy policies relating to those site users (“visitors”) who visit with no business transaction & the visitors who enroll to carry out business on the site and make use of the diverse services provided by www.bonkersenergy.com. (together, “services”) (“official customers”).

“individually noticeable information”

Indicate any particulars which recognizes or can be utilized to recognize, identify or contact the individual to whom such particulars relates, as well as, however not restricted to, name, phone number address, email address, social security number, fiscal profiles, & credit card particulars individually noticeable particulars does not comprise details which is anonymously collected (i.e., with no individual user’s identification) or demographic particulars not linked to an recognized person.

What personally noticeable details are collected?

We might gather fundamental user profile particulars from all of our visitors. We gather the subsequent additional data from our official customers: The name, phone number, addresses, and email addresses of every endorsed users, the. The nature and size of the business, and the nature and size of the bonkers energy merchandise that an endorsed user plans to purchase.
Which companies gather the data?

Besides to our direct data collection, our 3rd party service sellers (like banks, clearinghouses and credit card companies) who might offer services such as insurance, credit, & escrow services might gather this particulars from our users & endorsed consumers. We do not have influence how these 3rd parties make use of such information, however we do request them to reveal how they use personal particulars offered to them from the users and other endorsed consumers. A few of these 3rd parties might be mediators which solely serves as links in the allocation chain, & do not accumulate, hold, or utilize the particulars provided to them.

How does the website utilize personally specific information?

We utilizes personally noticeable details to modify the site, to make suitable service offerings, & to fulfill purchasing & selling requirements on the website. We might email users & endorsed consumers regarding the discovery or buying & selling opportunities on the website or details pertinent to the site’s subject topic. We might also utilize individually apparent particulars to make contact with users and endorsed consumer in reaction to precise inquiries, or to offer requested particulars.

With whom might the details could be shared?

Personally noticeable particulars regarding certified consumers might be distributed with other endorsed consumers who desire to assess possible dealings with the other approved customers. We might share collective particulars regarding our users, as well as the demographics our visitors & approved customers’ demographics with our associated agencies and 3rd party sellers. We also recommend the chance to “opt out” of obtaining details or being contacted by the website or by any agency that is functioning on our behalf.

How is the individually specific particulars accumulated?

Personally specific datas are gathered by particulars collected by www.bonkersenergy.com is stored in a secure manner & is not available to the 3rd parties or employees of www.bonkersenergy.com. Other than the usage as mentioned above.

What options are accessible to users concerning compilation, usage & sharing of the details?

The users & approved consumers might avoid receiving unsolicited details from by us or from our sellers & associated agencies by reacting to the instructed emails, or by contacting us.

Are cookies employed in this site?

Cookies are utilized for a miscellaneous motives. We utilize cookies to acquire particulars regarding the preferences of our visitors and the services they choose. We also utilize cookies for security motives to safeguard our approved users. For instance, if an approved user is logged on & the site is idle for more than 10 minutes, we will robotically log the approved user off.

How does www.bonkersenergy.com utilize login particulars

www.bonkersenergy.com makes use of the login particulars as well as however not restricted to, isps, ip addresses, & the browser kinds, to manage the site, evaluate trends, track the movement of a customer and his usage and collect extensive demographic particulars.

What service providers or partners have admission to personally specific particulars from users and/or endorsed users on the web site?

www.bonkersenergy.com has entered into & will persist to enter into affiliations and other partnerships with numerous vendors. Such sellers might have admission to specific individually noticeable particulars on a requirement to recognize basis for assessing the approved users for the service eligibility. Our privacy policy does not cover up their compilation or usage of this particulars. Revelation of individually noticeable particulars to obey with law. We will reveal personally noticeable particulars in order to conform to a court order a request or a subpoena from a law enforcement organization to reveal information. We will in addition divulge personally noticeable particulars while logically essential to defend the security of our guests and approved customers.

In what way does the website preserves the personally specific details protected?

All of our workers are acquainted with our security policy & procedures. Approved customers are only reachable to a restricted group of competent employees who are provided with a password so as to have admission to the datas. On a routine basis, we audit our security procedures & systems. Receptive particulars like social security or credit card numbers are safeguarded through encryption protocols, so as to shield information transmitted, online.

In what way can users rectify errors in personally specific information?

Visitors and approved users might get in touch with us and rectify any factual errors found in their personally specific details as well as update them. You can contact us by sending an email to correct any errors by emailing us at https://wskonnekt.com/newwp/contact-us


Http://www.bonkersenergy.com/ contains links to other web sites. We would like to bring to your notice that while you click any of these links, you will; be moving to others web sites. We persuade you to go through these linked sites’ privacy statements as their privacy policies might vary from ours..

Contact email: https://wskonnekt.com/newwp/contact-us, all rights, reserved 2015.

Privacy Policy – Wskonnekt® Worldwide


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Privacy Policy – Wskonnekt® Worldwide
Privacy Policy – Wskonnekt® Worldwide