Hours: Mon – Sun (PST) 10am to 10pm – (408) 915-0047
Hours: Mon - Sun (PST) 10am to 10pm -  (408) 915-0047

Payment, Pricing & Promotions

Payment Gateway: Wskonnekt.com accepts all major credit cards, including American Express, MasterCard, and Visa. Customers can also pay through their PayPal account. They can also use debit and check cards issued by the companies with American Express, MasterCard, and Visa logos. If you are paying with a Visa Check Card, please select Visa from the drop-down menu during checkout indicating the card type.

Our payment 128-bit SSL certificate encrypted gateway ensures complete protection of your credit card data, billing/shipping address, and payment information. It assures complete protection of sensitive information pertaining to customers.

Taxes: All local taxes, if any, are paid by the customer. The cost of product excludes the shipping and delivery charges, which are determined by size of the package, local economic policies, and customer geographical location.

Delivery on Payment: The shipping is done following processing of your payment.Following the payment confirmation a detailed invoice is mailed to the customers highlighting their product and fess.


Our Prices: We make all possible efforts toward maintaining competitive prices on everything we carry. Wskonnekt.com ensures that customers get the best at minimum prices.
Listed Price: Unlessmentionedotherwise, the List Price of each product displayed on Wskonnekt.com includes the full retail price, which is suggested by the manufacturer or supplier. We ensure that the pricing confirms standard industry practice. For items sold as a set, the List Price is the “open-stock” prices based on the aggregate of estimated retail price for each of the items, with or without discounts. For products on sale, actual and offered prices are listed.
Currency: The prices displayed on the Site are quoted in the U.S. dollars unless otherwise indicated. You may select a product with its price shown in US$.
Price Guarantee: Wskonnekt.com does its best to assure the best price checked for the value of products. The prices are checked against the local stores in our effort to quote the lowest price. There may price differences depending on geographical variation.
Shopping Cart Prices: Items on your wishlist is the most recent price quoted on the item’s product detail page. This may or may not differ from the price you first saw while selecting the product. It is possible that an item’s price may decrease on increase after you select it and put in the shopping cart. No fee is charged until the complete payment process is completed.
Discounted Prices:  Discounted prices are exclusive monopoly of the retailer or vendors though we ensure that they remain attractive and discounted.
Shipping Charges: Shipping charges are extra and shown during the payment completion process.Depending on the size and weight of a product, a surcharge is added. However, this is only for oversized and extremely heavy items that require careful handling.


Offers & Deals: Wskonnekt.com offers promotional offers, discounts, combo deals, price challenges, and other exclusive deals time to time for the benefit of clients and promoting online shopping. However, offers, deals, and discounts may or may not be applicable on all products. We reserve the right to make the final decision on inclusion of products in deals or offers.
Promo Code: Wskonnekt.com offers unique promo codes to customers to get special discounts. This is applicable to the sale total and certain individual items may not be covered under it. There may be minimum cart value to use promo codes.
Promotional Marketing: We intimate customers about promotional offers through newsletters subscribed or online advertisements. Each promotional offer must be cashed within a time limit beyond which it is not applicable.