Hours: Mon – Sun (PST) 10am to 10pm – (408) 915-0047
Hours: Mon - Sun (PST) 10am to 10pm -  (408) 915-0047

Gift Cards

Our gift cards are excellent methods of saving your hard earned money. You can show your affection to your near and dear ones by presenting our discounted gift cards. They can purchase their preferred items as gift at reasonable price. You can also make use of our gift cards when you do your shopping and thus save your hard earned money.

Enormous inventory of gift cards

We have a huge inventory of gift cards; simply browse for the one that is ideal for you. We provide 100% guaranteed cards that are meticulously checked by our staff. If for any valid reason, you are unable to use our cards or get stolen, you can contact our customer support department, and get a replacement.

Shipping fees

We provide gift cards that come with some reasonable amount of shipping fees based on the items you purchase.

My Address

Click on Edit Address tab below Address Book tab on the My Dashboard or on the left column of the same page. You will be prompted to put in new address. Save address once you complete with details.

Cards of utmost convenience

We also accept other gift cards provided it has ample funds as balance. Our best gift cards do not come with any expiry date, except for some specific items. Our card provides the flexibility advantage as they can be utilized at anytime at any of our outlets.

Transaction security

Do not bother about the satiety of our gift cards as they are 100% secure to use. Our magnetic strip gift cards facilitate in smooth and secure transactions. When compared to the other exchange mediums, transactions can be done in a swift manner using our gift cards. All you have to do is simply swipe our gift card to finish the purchase.
Please note, our gift cards cannot be redeemed for cash
How to obtain our gift cards
You can get our gift cars in miscellaneous method, by purchasing online or offline, when you make some bulk purchase. Participating in our online survey, promotional events, Tradeshows, and other activities will also help you to get our gift cards.

Other advantages of gift cards

  • It reduces the burden of carrying cash,
  • Simple to use.
  • Irrespective of the gender all individuals can use our cards.
  • Personalized cards

You can also customize our gift cards with your photo and personalized messages and gift to your beloved ones. You can also print your company logo & message on our gift cards

Our gift cards can be used at our online or physical outlets or any preferred choice at any time of your convenience. So what you are waiting for?, enjoy the maximum benefit by purchasing our gift cards.