Hours: Mon – Sun (PST) 10am to 10pm – (408) 915-0047
Hours: Mon - Sun (PST) 10am to 10pm -  (408) 915-0047

Sell your Products

Please note that we evaluate most products on the discount to wholesale at which they are offered. We also check all stated wholesales. Please make your best offer the first time, as, due to the high volume of offers we receive, we seek to avoid protracted haggling over any one offer.

1. Wskonnekt Co. Unique Name Brand Marketplace

Wskonnekt Co. is one of the few unique name brand marketplaces on the web. Here, you can display and sell your own name brand products. We will provide you, the Company, your own online store along with state of the art customer support all for a reasonable monthly fee as well as a commission on all product sales.

2. Company Benefits

As our Customer, you will get access to our state-of-the art website as well as some of the best customer support in the industry. We will assist you with building your own online brand and marketplace through Wskonnekt Co.

3. Customer Support

Our success depends upon your success! We will help you establish, create, and operate your own functional online store through Wskonnekt Co. This includes customer and technical support. Success also depends on a beneficial relationship with your customers. Website usage must be user friendly, allowing customers to smoothly order, pay, and receive products and artwork ordered through the Wskonnekt Co. website. We guarantee to provide the technical assistance needed to maintain your online store and website.


Every month, you will receive a check from us equal to 75% (75 percent) of the total monthly sales, less fees, of all products sold through Wskonnekt Co.
Compensation to Wskonnekt Co. In exchange for the right to display and sell products on Wskonnekt Co. website, the Company agrees to will pay the following reasonable fees: *
A monthly storefront fee of $19.99. *A commission fee equal to 25% of the sales of the vendor’s goods.

4. Company Responsibilities

As part of our professional relationship. Wskonnekt Co. expects all of our companies to act in a professional and business-like manner. In order to keep up with this promise, the Companies must:
  1. Provide exceptional work product.
  2. Guarantee the Company owns all copyrights and does not infringe on any third party rights
  3. Updating the Company website and online store
  4. Updating and uploading current information on sales, shipping, returns, exchanges, customer service, and all product information. The Company must provide as much up front information as possible to all customers.

5. Setting up your Brand

Each Company will provide Wskonnekt Co. with the following items:
  1. Digital photos of the vendor’s products to be displayed and offered for sale on WsKonnekt, including item/product descriptions, names and other relevant information to the product.
  2. The Company (Your Brand) shipping and return policies (which will be determined by the artist in keeping with Wskonnekt Co. terms and policies) and the artist’s direct contact information (for customers to be able to contact the vendor about his/her products).
  3. Any other information the Company (Your Brand) wants to display on the Wskonnekt Co. network, except that the Company will not be allowed to post any language or products that are deemed by Wskonnekt Co., in its sole discretion, to be racist, sexist, homophobic or otherwise offensive and insulting (Wskonnekt Co. reserves the right to remove any language or products that it deems, in its sole discretion, to be racist; sexist, homophobic or otherwise offensive and insulting at any time). Once we have reviewed your content and provide approval (in its sole discretion) to the above information, Wskonnekt Co. and the Artist will enter into a License Agreement in order to establish the Artist’s online store.

Term of Storefront Agreement

The term of this Storefront agreement between Wskonnekt Co. and the Company(Your Brand) will last for two (2) months (this is called the Initial Term) and will be renewed automatically for additional periods of 1 month each, unless either party ends the agreement according to procedures set out in the License Agreement.

Services We Offer

You may need some of the services below and our company will be glad to provide you with all the help you need to move your business to the next level:

1. Product and Company Marketing Services

Marketing is very important tasks that are performed by almost all the business types to make the customers aware about the benefits related to the product. This strategy further helps in increasing the productivity of the company and reaps substantial profits. In order to initialize good sales, our company provides you with right marketing methods to boost sales and help your company grow exponentially.

2. Advertising Space

We have advertising space you can buy to promote you product, business or service on our website. The ability to build a brand name and create awareness among the people about the product is done with the assistance of advertising. This technique helps in pulling the customers to physical or online stores. By buying advertising space on our website will help to publicize your products and services directly to the customers.

3. Marketing Campaign

At wskonnekt, we provide vigorous marketing campaign for your brand. This is one of the primary tools for delivering personalized marketing messages directly to the individuals as well as businesses. The best part of this service is that it drives marketing relationships with potential customers and we can help you do just that.

4. Business Building and Start up

To start a business, there must be a desire to solve problems. One of the things that will ensure you succeed in business is if you discover a problem in society that needs solution, and then solve it. Our company can help you think out ideas of how you can solve a problem at a cost and convenience that will be acceptable to the people in need of the solution. We make easy to transfer research to actually starting a business.

5. Web and Video Design

Designing a website with video is a good idea to improve the traffic flow to any website and business. If a website has quality content, decent and professionally looking design with a video that speaks about the business or company then nothing would be better than that! Video always appeal to people more than a still photograph or any simple text. Your website visitors might feel bore reading any long text while a video can let them stay for more time and naturally seeing that video they will understand better about your business. Any website owner wants their visitors to be engaged while visiting the website and thus ensure constant visit to the site. A video could be very useful for you to do the job with some professional touch and good understanding about your customers’ needs. Our company can design a professional website and video to match in order to promote your brand and stand out among competitors.
Just avail yourself of our services today and discover the difference. A satisfying experience awaits you!