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The new sneakers, the Air Jordan 1 Patent Bred, are something for which the basketball players and sneaker lovers were waiting impatiently.

The first look and early reviews by the YouTubers made many people fall in love with them. It became their dream shoes for some, and people started pre-ordering for buying them.

These new style shoes are a return of the old version of Air Jordan sneakers with the same black and red colorway but with an eye-catching twist.

In these wow shoes, some kind of shiny patent leather is used for its upper layer. It gives the sneakers extra shine. Its shine adds to its beauty when light falls on it, especially the daylight. This super-glossy look is the twist.

The red color is not as deeper as it was in its last version of 2016, but this shade of red is also pretty good. The black laces give it a complete look, but you may change the laces or use red if you like them more. These shoes come with the Nike Air logo.

The smooth, comfy, and soft cushioning-like features of these shoes bring us comfort in walking and running. The lightweight materials used in its construction make your every step enjoyable. And it keeps your feet safe from injuries.

Releasing Date
These were finally released on December 30, 2021, just before the new year. It can be an amazing New year’s gift for your friends or family.
You may buy them from Nike.com or local retailers at a retail price of $170.

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