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The company Air Jordan has blasted the market with its new release this January of 2022. Air Jordan 4 Red Thunder shoes are actually the updated version of the 2006 original release.
This handsome pair of shoes’ stylish and perfect design makes them attractive. The color combination used in its construction adds to its beauty.

The colors and design provide the shoes with an awesome look. The shoes on your feet will be a point of interest and attraction for viewers.

The shoes’ colorway contains all black with a shade of red at some places on the shoes. The black netting with the red inside and red-colored netting-like with black inside make the shoes look fascinating.

The outsole is also full black minus a little. A transparent, white-colored air-sole unit is found at heel visible as packed in crimson or red-colored portion. It gives the shoes a cool look.

The branding logo in the form of white-colored “Jumpman” is present at four places on the shoes. One is at the tongue with flight patch, the next is at the insole, the other is at the backyards, and the last is at the outsole. Their features, as mentioned earlier, can make anyone crazy for them.

These shoes have high durability because of good quality materials and perfect construction.

Retail Price
For adults’ pair, it’s set retail price is $190 while USD 140 for GS pair.
Releasing date
After too much wait, these amazing shoes are now available in the market from January 15, 2022.


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