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In case you’re missing out, the Air Jordan Low SE Denim is the one shoe that you must have in your shoe closet. It’s unique it’s blue, and most importantly, it has all of the aesthetics of classic Jordan sneakers. Like many other Air Jordan shoes, you can wear them on many occasions, as they look good on your feet. It’s understandable if you can’t keep your eyes off of the sneakers.

Nike Air Jordan 1 Low Variations

You may think that there are only the reimagined versions of the Nike Air Jordan shoes. However several other variations are part of the whole Nike Jordan 1 collection. The Low-top Concord and Denim are some examples that have the classic Jordan sneakers aesthetics with a unique twist.

Anyhow, unlike other Air Jordan that you can wear to the gym, this one is more suitable for hanging out at the club or for a dinner date. It has a khaki and indigo color scheme, which is a classic combo for denim but not for sneakers. So if you’re looking for the red, black, and white like in other classic Jordan sneakers, the pair will disappoint you. However, if you’re looking for something new, then this can be the one.

Jordan 1 Low Denim

Keep in mind that the Jordan company has not yet released or leaked any news about any possibility of releasing this model on high top Jordan sneakers. So if you want to have limited edition Air Jordans in your collection for casual and semi-formal occasions, this is the one to have.

Blue Denim

An indigo-colored sneaker on its own is already a unique selling point. Khaki-colored outsoles and other details make this sneaker even more appealing. The prominent blue color is hard to miss, even when you’re wearing blue jeans at that time.

Unlike the washed denim sneakers, the Nike Jordan 1 Denim has a more classic aesthetic. It has blue nubuck for the large Swoosh logo on the sides, and the bright red Jumpman logo on the tongue.

The blueness is heavily prominent on all of the shoe parts. it’s on the overlay as well as the base. The difference in the material also affects the sneakers’ overall look. Many fans see the color scheme to be similar to the classic Jeans company Levi’s and their 501. The whole classic denim aesthetic translated well on the sneakers making it hard to miss.


You can get the Nike Jordan 1 Low SE Denim since September 2021. The first release batch counts as the limited edition Jordans. But they are still producing these blue sneakers today. The price is in the $200 range which is quite affordable for a limited edition Air Jordans. Despite the colors, the Nike Air Jordan 1 SE Denim has everything that classic Jordan sneakers have. The attractive and unique coloring can be the sole reason why you should have it. And with the aesthetics heavily similar to a pair of jeans, you can be assured that it suits most occasions

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