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Valentine’s Day is coming and it’s all the more reason for you to get a pair of Nike SB Dunk Low. Among many classic Jordan sneakers, the SB series is one thing that you should never miss, especially this City of Love series. And since they are releasing it near Valentine’s Day 2024, a pair of these sneakers will be the best gift for all couples, especially if they are certified sneakerheads.

Matching Pairs For Your Loved Ones

Even if you’re primarily into the Nike Dunk SB High or other Jordan basketball shoes, you will love this release. The City of Love is a series consisting of burgundy-dark red and coconut milk-bone white shoes.

The colorways are impeccable as a symbol of love for any couple. You and your partner can buy both colors and have a lot of fun wearing them. At a glance, this pair looks like any other Nike SB low sneakers. It has a large swoosh logo on the sides and a nubuck overlay in matching colors. But each pair has details that you wouldn’t want to miss.

While both shoes have a large Nike logo at the heels, the shoes’ tongues and insoles have a different yet matching illustration. If you pay close attention, instead of the swoosh logo, there is a prominent red string on the tongue.

The insole illustrations are also heavy on the red thread of fate like in the tongue. You see a pair of hands touching and with a red string tied on their pinky fingers as a symbol of soul mates.

The theme reoccurs in the upper sole. If you purchase the bone color, you will notice that they use a red thread for the upper sole. And while it’s less prominent in the burgundy version, it also has the same red thread on the upper sole.

What You Will Get

No matter which pair you choose, you will get a pair of matching laces for the shoes. So if you purchase the wine The series offers two colors with different details. But when you purchase a pair, you will get a pair of shoes and also matching laces in the same color scheme.

When and Where to Buy

Nike has announced that you can purchase the City of Love Nike SB on February 9th, 2024. They are available in your nearby skateboard shoes and apparel stores. But you also can find them at your local sneaker shop. https://wskonnekt.com/blog

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