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Good news for the sneakerheads as Nike and Co.Jp will bring back the Nike Dunk Low “Ultraman” colorway in Summer 2024. Now you can have one of the limited shoes that are on part with the most sought-after limited air Jordan shoes.

Many people often think that Nike Dunk Low is less valuable than an Air Jordan. But to the real sneakerheads, this series often has a unique charm that makes it collectible.

What is Co.Jp

If you think that it’s a URL address, you’re only half correct. Nike’s Concept Japan or Co.JP started as a collector-only store that holds limited Edition Air Jordans. They may not have the most extensive Nike Air Jordan collection, but they have some of the most prolific styles that stay with the brand for many years.

Many fans credit co.jp as the brain behind the unique style in the Nike SB line. Some even call the house the reason we all have the SNKRS line and unique collaboration in the Jordan shoe collection.

In many ways, Co.Jp is essential in building the collectors sneakers that are also a staple in the annual lineup. Including this Nike Dunk Low in the Ultraman colorway.

Ultraman Aesthetic

There is still no official image or leak for the 2024 Nike SB Ultraman. However, you can expect the Nike Dunk SB low to look very similar to the OG version.

The colorway in this Nike Dunk SB low is in red and grey, similar to the Japanese superhero, hence the nickname. The base is primarily light grey with a red overlay. Unlike the bright varsity red that you see in classic Jordan sneakers, the design used a subdued red. Under a different light, the shoes may show a tinge of orange or even pink hue.

Just like the previous version, you will get the laces in two colors, just like the primary sneakers color. You can choose to wear the red or white laces or both. The swoosh on the sides also gets the same treatment as the colorway, with a red base and part of the checkmark in light grey and merges with the body before meeting at the heels. A small Nike logo is at the heel, and the tongue has the swoosh and Nike logo.

Release Date and Price

The Nike SB Dunk Low Co.Jp will be available in Summer 2024. Until today, there is no official release on the estimated price for a pair of these sneakers. However, if you want a pair in your collection, you may need to spare at least $200. Keep in mind that the OG version released in 1999 is one of the highly sought-after Nike dunk sb low. So you can expect the same enthusiasm for this release.

In case you’re afraid of missing out on the release, you should check your favorite Jordan shoe store when the summer is about to come. Several stores may open for pre-orders and you can get your hands on the pair early on. What’s more, you can try your look and may fun cheap authentic Jordans. https://wskonnekt.com/blog

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