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The Supreme x Vans Old Skool Low Top sneakers are a pair that is part of the six designs collaboration with the high-end designer. As they come in three different colorways, you are likely to find the one you love most.

What’s the difference?

Unlike most sneakers, say the classic Jordan sneakers, vans’ designs are far more unique and rely on the details. this low top offers a classic combination of the Supreme logo on the Vans sneakers. The Supreme x Vans Old Skool offers a unique animal print pattern and a grid-like logo pattern with the logo on the sides. The black soles put a real contrast with the color combination no matter which style you choose. Anyhow, the logo pattern is more popular among the sneakerheads since they are more universal and easier to match with any outfit.

But if you’re a true fashionista, then you shouldn’t hesitate to get the animal print instead. The pattern difference also affects the shoe care routine. Again, if that’s not a problem for you, then you know which one of the two to get.

Which Sneakers to Get?

When it comes to making a fashion statement, you must start with what is the message you aim to share. If you plan to say how fashion-forward you are, then undoubtedly the Supreme x Vans collaboration is hard to miss.

However, the Sacai’s Nike Blazer is a strong contender, along with several other limited-edition air Jordans. As you know, the reimagined series comes with the aged aesthetics that make Nike Jordan retro back on the map. You start seeing various twists on the classic Jordan sneakers and have several artists collaborate on the project.

At any rate, it’s all about your style and preferences. What your message is all about? If you want to have an understated fashion statement, this pair of sneakers is perfect for you. Only true sneakerheads will recognize the old skool logo. And those who don’t understand will not even notice the Supreme grids on the base.

The supreme label is on the back of the shoe, along with the red Vans stamp on the sole. If anything, that can be the only statement the Old Skool logo openly says.

Price and Available Size

Compared to other sneakers, the price for a pair is almost as high as a limited edition Jordans at around $200-350 per pair. For sneakers that were released in September 2020, the price reflects

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