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The Jordan brand has been massive in redoing some of its iconic works. And Air Jordan 1 is not an exception, especially when there is a high demand for a more retro look.

As one of the most popular high top Jordan sneakers, the Air Jordan 1 series has always been high on everyone’s wish list. And the black toe reimagined has everything that warrants a classic title.

Whether you buy it for yourself or as a gift to your loved one, classic Jordan sneakers are always a good answer. Let’s take a look at the reasons why you should get a pair.

Retro Aesthetic Design

Following the retro look, the Jordan designers are looking into history to draw inspiration. Unlike the Jumpman logo that is synonymous with Air Jordan basketball shoes, you will see Nike’s swoosh on the tongue.

The Nike Jordan 1 will also have the original logo of the ball and wings with the Air Jordan name. Just like the Air Jordan 1 Patent Bred reimagined, the sneakers have a prominent Swoosh logo on the sides. And the wings logo stamped near the ankle.

The unique thing about the retro Nike Air Jordan retro series is the cracked and weathered leather details. The designers at Nike have been working to find a leather design that has a wear-and-tear retro look.

Similar to the white cement reimagined and the lost & found Jordan shoe collection, this one also has cracked leather details. No need to worry, they are only accents to emphasize the retro look. Jordan company assured all customers that the leather can last for decades with proper care.


Going with the OG color scheme, you can find the black toe reimagined in the classic black, white, and red combination. in case you’re new to the Jordan work, the black toe series is a unique design where the sneakers have a black overlay on the toes area, hence the name. And the red high top gives off the unique as well as classic signature of OG Jordan sneakers.

Another unique thing about the Nike Jordan 1 black toe reimagined is the colors. Upon closer look, you can see that the colors are slightly faded, especially on the white. It won’t look as bright as the newer models. But to many, this color detail is part of the appeal.


The retail price for the sneakers is about the same as other reimagined series. You can set your budget in the $200-$300 range, depending on where you live. But for a pair of classic Jordan sneakers, it’s a worthy price for shoes that were released in the Holiday Season of 2024.

For you who love the aesthetic of classic Jordan sneakers, especially high top Jordan sneakers, this one is a must-buy. This Nike Jordan 1 is more than just a classic reimagined as it’s quickly becoming a classic by its own merit. At any rate, you should get it from your beloved Jordan shoe store. Of course, you can always look for Air Jordan shoes online. But you must be cautious and only get the original one that can last for many decades to come.


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