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In case you’re missing out, Michael Jordan has been working with the Trophy Room for a special release on the classic Jordan sneakers. And the Trophy Room x Air Jordan 1 Low OG is the first to see the light. You can expect to see a pair of these high top Jordan sneakers in your favorite Jordan shoe store in the first quarter of 2024.

The Inspiration Behind Trophy Room x Air Jordan 1 Low OG

Both Michael Jordan and Trophy Room have stated that they took inspiration from the OG Jordan 1 sneakers. Especially the one that you can see in a classic Basketball card featuring Jordan in his 1986 game wearing Nike Jordan 1. They also took inspiration from Jordan’s pictures in the 1984’s Sports Illustrated. It’s easy to mistake this pair as part of the retro collection, but when you notice the embossed Trophy Room logo on the overlay, you will see that it’s completely new.

The sneakers may carry the OG Bred aesthetics, but it has the reverse black-toe design with black heels and a red toe overlay. Both versions have red outsoles and white upper and midsoles to make the design more visible.

Home and Away Version

Just like in an actual basketball league, the sneakers offer home and away versions. The differences in the aesthetic are hard to miss, as they have different swoosh colors. The rest of the aesthetic is the same between the two versions. As each pair has different insoles. The right sneaker has a yellow insole with the Trophy Room logo, and the left has a light blue with the Jumpman logo.

Even though it’s not part of the retro collection, at least officially, the sneakers have the OG ball and Wings Air Jordan logo at the heels. And if you look deep enough, right next to the gold logo at the heels is Jordan’s signature.

If you wish to remain with the classic Jordan sneakers look, you should get the Home version as it has a white swoosh that blends seamlessly into the sneakers. The away version with black swoosh will easily garner attention. Even more so when you pair them with bold laces. For each sneaker purchase, you will get yellow-gold, black, and white laces. Feel free to combine the colors and make your sneakers even more standout in the crowd.

Expected Price and Release Date

Nike released that they will sell this Nike Jordan 1 in selected Nike stores on February 15th, 2024. However, the Home version is only available on the Trophy Room offline stores. As for the Away version, you can check your favorite Jordan shoe store to see if they already carry a pair. The price for each version starts at $140, so if you want to have both versions, you may have to dig as deep as $300.

Whether you’re a sneakerhead or simply someone with an extensive Air Jordan shoe collection, you will want this exclusive Trophy Room x Air Jordan 1 Low OG in your home. The aesthetic alone should be enough reason for why you should have a pair.https://wskonnekt.com/blog/

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